Our production is made up from 70% knitted and 30% woven fabrics.

We have 3 printing machines of which we are able to print at 180cm width with 12 coloured rotational heads and one machine with 8 coloured filmdruck printing heads of which we are able to do reactive, pigment, disperse, discharge and pigment discharge printing on such cloth qualities as viscose lycra, ring viscose, 100% cotton, 100% polyester, 100% linen and silk as well as other qualities, using high colour and light sensitive ekoteks standardised dyes.

We are also able to do special effects such as embossed gold leaf designs on gofre demore fabrics where required.


As well as path-pack dying upto 150cm width gauze and woven fabrics, we are able to plain dye knitted polyesters, mixed polyesters, viscose and viscose cotton lycra.


Shrinkage, anti-creasing, seam slippage, water proofing,oil and stain proofing  are some of the special finishing operations are installed